From Swedish/Irish descent yet born in Spain, Lindahl encompasses a melting pot of cultures, all infused in to one artist. As a child, he was exposed to a variety of eclectic styles; ranging from blues to soul to electronic chill-out. Lindahl's aspiration for House music came as no surprise as he reached the end of his teens; combining his love for Balearic influenced chord progressions, afro-tech rhythms, rolling baselines with a hint of mysticism, all leading him to his calling of becoming an electronic artist. With the main focus behind his music lying in the realm of positive emotion and unification, Lindahl brings these themes to light through the selection of warm sounds and musical moods. To top it off, his personal affinity for understanding the ways in which the universe functions has lead Lindahl to introduce his knowledge of mathematics and psycho-acoustics into music in a subtle way.


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